Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Letter to my children


Dear Cecilee Jane,

You were the perfect starter child. You were so easy as a baby and such a smarty toddler. We really took your goodness for granted until we got your sister. (more on that later) You have always had such a special place in my heart because you made me a mommy. You bonded me and daddy in an amazing way. You will always be my big girl.
I hope that you are always kind and such a good little friend like you are in Kindergarten. You love to learn and I hope that continues. I know that God has big plans for you. I know you will be a great mom one day. You tell me all the time the things that you will do better than me :) You are a beautiful girl and I just know that you will always radiate beauty from the inside as well. Your are my girly-girl and you love to dress up and all things PINK. I hope that we have not screwed you up too bad. ha.

Love, Mama
PS. You can't marry Daddy, he's already mine. And that is weird.

Oh Annslee Clare,

I will start by saying that there is a reason you are the last child of our family. If you were born first, you would have been an only child. I thought I would really have things figured out by my second child and you came along and it was a whole new ballgame. You have shown us that you have to do everything different from your sister. I call you my difficult child, and for some reason I fear you will not grow out of this. I can't even imagine the type of teenager you will be. You are WILD. I know God has big plans for you.

Right now I just pray we get you potty trained one day, after that who knows. I know that you have quite a bit of defiance in you, so we'll see how that works in your favor. I pray that you are a little nicer when you're older. It is pretty embarrassing that my sweet little baby girl is always trying to hit everybody. I can't wait to see the strong willed woman you grow into. Lord help the people that stand in your way. You are a pain in my butt most days but I absolutely love your crazy big personality.

Love, Mama

PS. I know you refuse to grow any hair, but you are 18 months old and I just want to put a dang bow in your hair.

Monday, September 2, 2013


On Wednesday September 4, 2013 my big girl will start kindergarten. She is very nervous about starting at a new school. To help with her nerves and for myself as well, we decided to go have a short photo shoot at her new school. Now she is completely comfortable with the school and so EXCITED to start in two days. 

I hope that we will always remember this sweet time in her life. She has such a bright future. I can't wait to see what God has in store for this precious girl.